What If?

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

How do you define self-care? 

In the past few months self-care has been an emerging issue in our society, but how many of us can actually say we practice it, or know what it is? Self-care is taking the time to do something that caters to your physical, mental or emotional needs. Today’s entry is titled “What If” because I want you to ask yourself the question, “What if I practiced self-care every day? What If I catered to my physical, mental or emotional needs in some way on a daily basis"? Today, I encourage you to come up with your own definition of self-care. Challenge yourself to practice self-care in some way this week and assess how you feel afterwards. Self-care doesn’t have to be hard and will potentially look different for every person. Below are some simple ways to practice self-care:

Drink water

Say a daily affirmation

Workout (walk, run, bike)


Take a bubble bath  

Wear Sunscreen

Take a nap


Do a face mask

Deep condition your hair

Clean your ears

Do/Have something you enjoy

Self-care should ultimately be something that is rewarding to you personally. It does not have to be something complicated. Care for yourself in some way soon and see what a difference it makes in how you feel!

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